How To Maintain Your Hair Wig

Maintaining a hair wig is easy if you know exactly how to care for it. A lot of people think that the key to maintaining a wig is in using water and shampoo, but this isn’t true.

The truth is that there are certain things you should never do with your wig, such as brushing it, washing it too often or wearing a hat on top of your head when you’re not supposed to wear one. To learn more about what you can do instead of these things and other tips for keeping your hair wig looking great always make sure to check out our blog post!

Difference Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs

Human hair wigs are strong, and they can resist heat and tangle less than synthetic ones, so they rarely melt. Make sure you pay attention to what’s in your wig and read the instructions carefully before you buy it.

Use The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

It is important to note that there are special products for cleaning wigs because regular shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that may permanently damage the texture of wig hair, especially if the hair is synthetic. Also, washing your wig is different from washing your hair, here is what you do: 

Afterwards, comb out the shampoo or conditioner from the wig with your wig comb (after soaking the wig in shampoo and water first). Once the product has been rinsed out of the wig, rinse it with warm water. 

Let the wig dry naturally after you untangle it, then comb until it is untangled. Wash the wig only by combing it, not by rubbing or massaging!

Let The Experts Do It

You should take your wig to a professional when you need it styled. Wigs can be cared for and styled at many salons. 

Taking care of your wig can be quite complicated, especially if you cut the hair too short or use too much heat. You can ask many specialists at a salon for help, so go ask.

Keep Your Wig In A Cool And Dry Place

After wearing your wig all day, you might sometimes want to strip it off and toss it into a corner. While that is the easiest way to store your wig, throwing your wig anywhere is not ideal.

Purchasing a Styrofoam or mannequin head will help extend the life of your human hair wig.

You can keep the shape and style of your wig by storing it on an object that looks like a human head. Additionally, the hair should be stored away from heat sources, which will cause it to dry out and become dull.

Keep your wig out of the way and out of the way of anything that might cause damage by storing it in your bedroom closet. Make sure your wig retains its shape by packing it in a thermos or other freezer-sealed bag before you travel.

Whenever storing hair extensions, be sure to close the clips. Also, brush the hair before storing it to keep it fresh for when you put it on the next time.

For preventing mold and bacteria growth, the hair should be completely dry when storing the extensions. Keeping them out of the sun is the best way to keep them cool and dry.

Don’t Overspray Your Wig

Using a lot of different hair products, like hold spray or shiny spray, can cause the hair in the wig to tangle, or become greasy and unmanageable. A little spray is fine! Keep it in check by not overdoing it.

Don’t Use Heat

It is important to know that heat can damage your wig! Particularly if your wig is a synthetic one, so take care not to use more than you need to.  To determine how much heat your wig can take, please review the instructions that came with it.

Don’t Sleep Or Get Your Wig Wet

The proper way to wash your wig has already been explained to you, so follow that suggestion and if it is raining too hard, please take it off. 

If you move a lot at night, the hair will get tangled and full of knots.

Don’t Forget About Your Own Hair

Make sure you have clean, conditioned hair! It is not acceptable to have dirty, unmanageable and dry hair when wearing a wig.

I recommend using a cap if you are trying to conceal your hair when you wear a wig, it is easier to keep the wig clean when it is kept in a bun or pulled back.


It is essential that you hydrate your hair daily with a leave-in conditioner, even if you wash it rarely.

The scalp produces oils that maintain the hydration of natural hair. A wig or hair extension won’t do this. As well as protecting hair from heat styling, these products work to prevent hair damage.

Style and Finish

In addition to being low maintenance and requiring no re-styling after every wash, synthetic wigs are also very comfortable to wear. 

Even a brief burst of heat from an oven can permanently damage synthetic hair, so avoid intense heat. You should consider human hair or synthetic hair if you are interested in changing your look frequently or like versatility.